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High precision of application

Higher efficiency

Convenience and time saving





POLYNOR PRO pistol spray insulation is a high-quality, one-component thermal insulation with versatile application. It is used to build internal and external insulation systems in new constructions as well as during thermomodernization of old buildings. Ideal for insulating vehicles, tanks, pipes and other objects with a geometrically complex shape. The pistol version guarantees high precision of application and greater efficiency.


Insulation has never been so easy and convenient. We present you a novelty - Polynor Home. A tube applicator with a spray nozzle is attached to each container. You do not need a professional gun and cleaner.

You don't need a cleaner

You don't need a gun

Convenience and time saving





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How to use 

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Thanks to a very good thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0.033 W / m * K, and a seamless construction, the 5 cm layer of POLYNOR can be compared with much thicker insulators.

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Comparison of protection against cold with a 5 cm POLYNOR layer

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Individual clients

You don't have to call a team of professionals to insulate a room. Simply screw the container with contents to the standard foam gun and get to work.

Contractors and construction crews

It helps save time and effort when insulating rooms. We have prepared a rebate program especially for professional clients.

For whom POLYNOR?

To proste jak:

      5 cm POLYNOR 

The capacity of one can is about:




  at the layer





  Gaz concrete   ≈300mm





  Cork  ≈200mm

Styrofoam EPS        ≈130mm

 PUR foam




Ecological and safe

It is non-toxic, has no smell.

No insects or rodents react to the product.

Very low thermal conductivity

The factor λ = 0.033 W / m * K confirmed by the tests of the Building Research Institute

Easy to use

All you need is a regular foam gun and a gun barrel cap included in each package.

Effective product life time 50 years

More than 50 years ago, polyurethane insulation technology was used in Germany. Insulations made using this method fulfill their function to this day.

What is POLYNOR®


Polynor is a close-cell, modern spray thermal insulation, sold in cans similar to mounting foam.


The can is screwed to a standard gun that can be bought at any DIY store. A special cap should be attached to the gun, which is attached to each can. The kit prepared in this way is ready for spraying insulation. 


Unique and versatile insulation - an absolute novelty on the construction market. Polynor polyurethane foam spray is a great tool, easy to use and adheres to all insulated surfaces.


Polynor is economical due to its canned packaging form. In a small bottle there is insulation, which is enough to insulate up to 2 square meters of surface; Easy to transport; It does not require foil, frame, glue or other traditional methods of fixing - just spray; It is lightweight, thanks to which it lightly loads the insulated structure; It has excellent viscosity and adhesion corresponding to all modern building materials; The insulation can be applied with plaster and paint; Ideal for insulating the floor, foundations, ceiling, wall, pipes, ventilation ducts, and other complex, unequal surfaces, garages, cars, technical equipment and many others.



A unique combination of polyurethane-based product features and performance, designed to meet the biggest challenges in thermal insulation of even the most demanding projects.

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Doesn't condense and doesn't absorb moisture

Due to its structure, the product has a very low moisture penetration coefficient µ = 0.05 mg / m * h * Pa

Good sound insulator

Thanks to its seamlessness, the product very well silences insulated rooms.

Doesn't mold, anti-fungal

The applied product forms a monolith with an insulated surface, which means that moisture does not collect between the compressed and the offer.

For use in hard to reach places

Thanks to the small size of the can, the product can be used even in the most difficult places.

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