The POLYNOR insulation procedure should be carried out with the use of personal protective equipment, i.e. gloves, mask, glasses, etc.

Using POLYNOR is very simple. Watch the movie and find out

How to use


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Instructions of use

  • Protect surrounding surfaces and objects from dirt. Clean work surfaces from dust and dirt, oil and ice stains. Porous and absorbent building materials, such as bricks, concrete blocks, plasters, concrete, wood, moisten before applying the product. Do not wet too much (water must not run down the surface). Smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic, etc. - do not wet.
  • The container should be stored at room temperature (18-25ºC) before use. If there are no conditions for such storage, put the container in a bucket of warm water before use and heat the contents to the desired temperature. NOTE: do not overheat the tank - heating above 25ºC will reduce foam foaming and reduce the final insulation thickness.
  • For the correct application of the product, a plastic nozzle is required for each package, which should be attached to the barrel of the gun. Press the attachment firmly until you hear a click. The gun should be set to maximum flow.
  • Nozzle flow adjustment. Position (A) "ears" parallel to the ground - hand movement from left to right, Position (B) "ears" perpendicular to the ground - movement from the bottom up. In this position, it is also possible to use for ceiling insulation: gun barrel at an angle of 45 degrees, movement from each other - to each other.
  • For more convenient and effective use of POLYNOR® on the ceiling, we recommend using a nozzle with angled ejection (ask the seller). The ears of the special nozzle should be perpendicular to the ground. A special nozzle directs the stream of insulation upwards, movement: from myself to myself

  • Shake the can appx 20 times. Remove the cap from the cylinder thread. Screw the gun onto a vertically standing bottle.
  • The trigger is fully depressed when spraying. The applied insulation layer will expand after application for about 30 minutes and its thickness will increase by about 20%. Do not apply more than 4 cm (5 cm when fully expanded) once. If it is necessary to apply a larger thickness, apply another layer after about 40 minutes. After applying each layer, moisten with water. The number of layers is not limited.
  • Spraying is carried out at a distance of min 30cm to 45 cm from the surface. The greater the distance, the wider the surface coverage and the thinner the layer.
  • Remember that the container should always be in a position that allows the contents of the cylinder to drain into the gun valve. Tilting the container too much will result in gas escaping instead of foam. Using a special angled ceiling nozzle allows you to spray POLYNOR® without changing the correct position of the cylinder / gun.
  •                                       If the spray is unstable, the reason may be a clogged nozzle (gun barrel) or an incorrect product temperature.
  • During operation, the cylinder with the gun shake periodically.
  • After finishing work, clean the gun thoroughly using a gun cleaner.
  • The presence of an open flame is excluded. Ventilate the room thoroughly during and after application.
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