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What is POLYNOR®?



Polynor - modern spray thermal insulation, sold in cans, similar to mounting foam.




The can is screwed to a standard gun that can be bought at any DIY store. A special cap should be attached to the gun, which is attached to each can. The kit prepared in this way is ready for spraying insulation.


Unique and versatile insulation - an absolute novelty on the construction market. Polynor polyurethane foam spray is a great tool, easy to use and adheres to all insulated surfaces.


Polynor is economical due to its canned packaging form. In a small forest there is insulation, which is enough to insulate up to 2 square meters of surface; Easy to transport; It does not require foil, frame, glue or other traditional methods of fixing - just spray; It is lightweight, thanks to which it lightly loads the insulated structure; It has excellent viscosity and adhesion corresponding to all modern building materials; The insulation can be applied with plaster and paint; Ideal for heating floors, ceilings, walls, insulation and complex uneven surfaces, insulation of pipes, garages, cars, technical equipment.


The main advantages of POLYNOR:

Check the principles of safe and effective use of Polynor

How to use


Applying Polynor is very simple. See a three-minute movie and see for yourself.



Mineral wool

XPS extruded polystyrene

Two-component polyurethane







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  • it is ecological - the insulation does not contain substances hazardous to the human body;

  • low thermal conductivity;

  • no water absorption;

  • excellent adhesion - adheres perfectly to any surface forming a monolith with it;

  • increased sound insulation - not only suppresses noise but also shocks;

  • corrosion and fungal protection;

  • uniformity of the thermal insulation layer - there are no connections, i.e. thermal bridges;

  • durability - service life is up to 50 years;

  • fire safety - the material does not ignite;

  • biological neutrality - the insulation does not cause fungi, mold, does not attract rodents;

  • resistance to the harmful effects of climatic factors - frost, heat, precipitation;

  • resistance to the harmful effects of mechanical factors - shocks, loads, etc.;

  • resistance to aggressive chemical agents - acids, alkalis;